Department of Japanology and Sinology

The Department of Japanology and Sinology has researchers of language, literature and also the broadly defined culture and civilisation of East Asia, especially Japan and China. Most of hours provided in the programme of study concern an intensive Japanese language course. That enables some of the students to study in Japan. Japanology students may learn preliminary Chinese language.

The staff of the department researches classical and current Japanese literature, for instance the influence of Chinese literature on the formation of literary genre in Japan and the prose of contemporary Japanese writers. They also conduct linguistic research, i.e. phraseology of current Japanese language, polystemism and systemism of the languages of East Asia, classical Japanese and historical-genetic connections of Japanese language and also the Riukiu dialects.

Sinology, established in 2014, offers various programmes of study with emphasis on practical language learning. The programme of study provides an intensive Chinese language course, grammar, rudiments of classical language. During the second and the third years of studies the programme of study is extended with translation practise in the scope of differing difficulty and diverse character. The language lessons are completed by preliminary courses in the culture and history of China. The departmental staff conducts research in sinological glottodidactics, linguistics and Chinese culture.